Deep thoughts!

I don't understand why Rush Limbaugh would need Viagra.

He would have to find a woman willing to sleep with him.

I have discovered a maintenance free lawn.

Dead grass.

I am normally in favor of usage fee taxes, such as toll roads. However, if I work in St. Louis and live in Illinois, I am already paying St. Louis earnings tax and Missouri income tax. It seems unfair to add on another fee to cross the river because Missouri is not willing to come up with its share of the money to build a bridge. Perhaps I would be more supportive if there was also a toll on the bridges in St. Charles.

A toll might make Metro Link more attractive. Except I would have to drive almost as far to find a Metro Link stop as to get down town.

I can feel so unsexy for someone so beautiful

So unloved for someone so fine

I can feel so boring for someone so interesting

So ignorant for someone of sound mind

An operating B-17 was at the St. Louis Regional Airport this weekend. I couldn't bring myself to pay the $450 for a 45 min flight but, for five bucks, you could walk through.

The Sentimental Journey, which is owned by the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force, has appeared in two films, including 1941.

I am standing at the position of one of the two waist gunners, a position my Uncle Lester flew in WWII.

A flashback

Working on the Civil War stuff made me remember an incident from my past. As many (both) of my readers know, I initially attended a "Christian" college in Arkansas. One day I needed a ride to the airport and a fellow student from Louisiana offered, for a small fee, to "carry" me there. When he learned I was from Illinois his first words were "I bet you think that all we do in Louisiana is kill Niggers." I assured him that I did not think such a thing and that he was the first person from Louisiana I had met. "Well you probably think that about Arkansas and it's the same thing." I was speechless.