This 'n That

Jes came over yesterday. We had lunch at Stonebridge. The manager at the pro shop let me take a cart out for free, so I gave Jes a tour of the course. We then had frozen custard at Bobbies.

Today is Brad and Jes' birthdays. Jes is going to play at the City Museum. Brad is going to Red Lobster. We will have people over Saturday for the official celebration.

I had to open my mouth about the weather! Today we had a heat index of 105 which is about normal for St. Louis in August.

Quite by we finally found a Chinese restaurant on this side of the river that we like. We were shopping this afternoon for Brad's presents, were both starving and saw a sign that said "China Restaurant". It smelled good so we decided to kiss a frog. There were not chopsticks at the table, usually not a good sign, but the waiter offered them. They were better quality than you normally get. Sue had a stir-fried eggplant. I had scallops. Both were good. Also good Crab Rangoon. Our waiter was cute. I think that maybe he was a student at SIU. I got a wonderful fortune in my fortune cookie that I just taped to my monitor. "You shall soon achieve perfection." We will be back.

Thanks to Can't Get There, I now have Jason Mratz's Waiting For My Rocket To Come. I didn't realize that he also sang The Remedy.

Just started They Marched Into Sunlight . I have been putting it off because I know it will be depressing.

We, Jes and I, then had lunch on the sidewalk of a wonderful little Chinese restaurant across the street from the Pageant and then saw Prairie Home Companion at the Chase. It is a fun film. The Fitzgerald Theater has been purchased by a developer who wants to tear it down for a parking lot. Garrison Keillor and crew are hosting their last radio show before going off the air. Meanwhile the appearance of a mysterious lady in white raises hopes that all will be saved.

Somebody, probably kids, rang our doorbell around 12:30 last night. Sue and I took forever to go back to sleep and then she had nightmares.