Paintball day

Brad and I played paintball again Sunday. We only shot about 1,500 paintballs, as opposed to about 2,000 last week. I do think we are getting better and we both had a good time.

Starting this week Brad will take Tae Kwon Do at least twice a week. He says he has lost a couple of pounds since he started and his balance and coordination have improved.

I didn't go to the gym Friday but that is the first day I have missed since I started on March 1st. I was back on the Nautilus machines this morning. I have also lost a couple of pounds.

Josh sent me The Elegant Universe for my birthday and I got a cute card from little brother.

Today I went with Mom & Dad to their senior's center for Easter Lunch. We had salad, ham, sweet potatoes, vegetables and cake. We played bingo and had an Easter egg hunt. I hope, when I am 80, I am still riding bikes, playing racquetball and paintball and taking classes.

I have been obsessing on the Soulard tour I am to give April 14th. I'll bet I have spent 6 hours walking around the neighborhood and at least that long developing a script. If anyone isn't busy April 14th at 1:30, I could probably sneak you in.

PS - I rode almost 13 miles this morning. I took the nature trail west into Pontoon Beach. It is very flat but you are in the sun much more than taking it east into the bluffs. Not good if it is hot. I rode early enough that this was not a problem and maintained a pace of about 10 miles/hour.