Is it Spring yet?

Last Saturday my friend Gene had a heart attack. He is OK but obviously won't be playing racquetball anytime soon. I am not getting enough exercise and am looking into a health club near home. I am willing to drive to the Brentwood Y if it involves old friends but it is too far for just a workout.

Brad will become a brother on Thursday. His mother is scheduled for a C Section. Brad is excited and it may turn out to be a good thing. Time will tell.

I am so mad at Brad's father I could strangle him. Brad called last night absolutely hysterical. His father, without saying anything to Brad, gave away his cat. They got the cat for his Birthday a couple of years ago.

It snowed again Saturday. Most of it was gone by Sunday afternoon but there are still remnants here and there.

On the positive side I am enjoying both of my LLI classes, especially Islam. The facilitator lived in the Middle East for a number of years and is fluent in Arabic.

I am not a young buck, but I saw one this morning.

He was standing by the bike trail and didn't move when I stopped and told him how cool he was. I rode 12.5 miles today, 13.5 yesterday

The internet connection just crapped out again. We had this problem last summer. I think the heat affects the cable.

Did I mention that Charter sucks?