The Funky Fly Project

The Funky Fly Project is a funk and jazz group out of Pittsburgh, PA consisting of Winston Bell, Henry Schultz, Brandon Terry, and Eric Dowdell Jr. A powerful combination of skill and virtuosic playing, you would never know by listening that each member of the project is less than eighteen years old. Developing a sound well beyond their age, the quartet fuse classic jazz styles with contemporary funk to create a unique sound that leaves listeners in awe.

The Funky Fly Project flaunts the soloistic skills of the players while showcasing the group’s inspiring ability to write original compositions with unmatched style and grace. Pulling together an arsenal of different styles and techniques, each track is laden with the fresh excitement of youth and expertise rarely found in today’s world of overdubs and pop music. Each player, a prodigy of their muse, gains inspiration from a number of different influences and their combined sound is nothing less than spectacular.\

Soaring solos, upbeat rhythms and down right impressive jam structures are the hallmark of this burgeoning band from Pittsburgh. Loaded to the brim with impressive structure and style, this urban quartet is unlike any jazz project you have witnessed before. The Funky Fly Project leaves players twice their age in the dust; what they lack in age, they make up for in unmatched talent.

The complex sound of the Funky Fly Project is made up of four equal yet distinguishing parts, Winston Bell on saxophone, Henry Schultz on keys, Brandon Terry on drums, and Eric Dowdell Jr on bass guitar. Each member of the project shines with complex chord changes, difficult rhythms and jaw-dropping solos while harnessing the finesse of veteran jazz legends. A band to watch in coming months and years, it’s hard to imagine where this level of talent might take this group — whether it’s the main stage at jazz festivals or spotlight performances in clubs — the Funky Fly Project will perform as many nights as their homework allows. Having already performed at a number of local clubs and nationally publicized events, the group grows leaps and bounds with each new gig they conquer.


Friday, June 16: 5:30pm
Pierce Studio
Junior Jazz Club, kid friendly jazz joint
805 Liberty Avenue

Saturday, June 17: 1:00 – 2:00pm
9th Street Stage


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