Pittsburgh JazzLive International


Every year, I tell people this will be the best jazz fest ever, and this year I have even more enthusiasm around the fantastic weekend of music we have planned for the Pittsburgh JazzLive International Festival presented by Citizens Bank.

From Philadelphia to Peru, from Brazil to Brooklyn, and worlds in between, the line up for the Pittsburgh JazzLive International Festival is diverse and abundant. Corea, McBride, Blade, Watts, Palmieri, Iyer…a man named Wadada and a woman named Buika… a big band that promises to Revive, one named after Nat Turner, a group of Vagabonds, a women-led Soul Distribution, and a street party to honor a man that made the color purple mean so many things to people all over the world are all on the schedule for the festival weekend. Can you handle all of this music in 72 hours?

Every year, we make more friends and partners; Newport Jazz Festival, Jazzcorner.com, Modern Piano, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Winery, North Coast Brewing Company, Courtyard Marriot, P & W Foreign Cars, Rivers Casino and more. These companies believe in our mission and their support is vital to the continued success of PJLIF.

The vibe…”laid back, intimate and inviting” attracts people from all over the world. The JazzLive Crawl, the concerts in the streets, the late night jam sessions makes for a fantastic experience; something for everyone.

YOU make it all worthwhile with your support, your open ears and minds…we couldn’t do it without you. Sponsors like R. K. Mellon Foundation, UPMC, UPMC Health Plan, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, North Coast Brewing Company, P & W Motors, Dollar Bank, Rivers Casino, and sponsors make the Pittsburgh JazzLive International Festival possible.

Janis Burley Wilson
VP, Strategic Partnerships/Community Engagement
Director of Jazz Programs



The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust (the Trust)

Established in 1984, The Trust is a non-profit organization that is committed to revitalizing the Pittsburgh region through the creation and ongoing development of the Downtown Pittsburgh Cultural District.

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is

  • a performing arts presenter
  • a theater/gallery owner/operator
  • a catalyst for Cultural District development
  • a visual arts exhibitor
  • an arts collaborator

PJLIF Advisory Board

  • Ron Alvarado
  • Kenia Ashby
  • Demeatria Boccella
  • Esther L. Bush
  • Candi Castleberry-Singleton
  • James Frederick
  • William O. Generett
  • Lois Gilbert
  • Jeffrey Stephen Gray
  • Keri Harmicar
  • Sean Jones
  • Tinsy Labrie
  • Joseph Manich
  • Nate Mitchell
  • Tony Mowod
  • Carol Neyland, Chair
  • Gustavo Paredes
  • William J. Recker
  • Emory Redd
  • Janis Reed
  • Susan Sparks
  • William E. Strickland, Jr.
  • William F. Strome
  • Bob  Studebaker
  • Teruyo  Seya
  • Patti Tuite
  • Marisol Wandiga Valentin
  • Lorene Vinski
  • Jeff “Tain” Watts
  • Kimberly L. Wood


Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

803 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222