10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sean Jones!

As a fun ‘thank you’ to all the Pittsburgh JazzLive International supporters this year, we’re wrapping up our ’10 Things’ Series with sensational trumpeter, Sean Jones!

Sean Jones jamming at JazzLive International!

1. I absolutely love tomato soup! I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life, especially the creamy kind!

2. I have a pretty soft heart. I like fluffy things, chubby dogs, tiny babies with smiles, bright mornings with birds chirping, etc. Things like that really tug at my heart strings.

3. I’ve been singing my entire life. People always try to get me to sing but I just say “I’ll leave singing to the real vocalists”, but I guess some people really dig it. Dunno, we’ll see one day.

4. I was a very shy kid. I didn’t come out of my shell until I began playing the trumpet. It was almost as if the trumpet showed me who I really was. It’s funny to think back on those times.

5. I love reading about spiritual consciousness beyond religion. I love to see the commonalities in religions and various spiritual thought vs what separates them.

6. I had a pet bunny rabbit named Herman that I walked around on a leash. Serious babe magnet.

7. Music is what I do, not who I am. Music is the vehicle that the creator gave me to do what I believe my biggest calling is, bringing people together.

8. I never really lived “In” Manhattan. I always lived around it.

9. I prefer the simple life. I prefer smaller towns vs big cities. I like knowing the people at the bar, at the local market, at the dry cleaners. I like close, real, personal relationships.

10. I’ll do almost anything to make people happy.

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